Casa Loma Escape Series

Escape from the Tower at Casa Loma

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The most immersive game in the series will take players through the tunnel beneath Casa Loma and into a secret 1920s speakeasy. Thrust into a world of jazz, liquor and shady characters, players will work together to become the new Kings and Queens of the Bootleggers…read more

The year is 1941. You and your team have been recruited to an undercover Anti-Submarine Detection Research Center in the tower of Casa Loma. You must find the coordinates of the enemy’s U-boats and communicate their location to our allies…read more

The war is over, the fascists in Europe have lost, and it’s time for celebration in Toronto; or so it would seem. Deep beneath the gothic exterior of Casa Loma, there lies a secret. You and your closest friends stumble upon the soon to be decommissioned Station M…read more

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Please be aware all tickets are individual tickets.  To book out a full game you must book out all tickets for that time.

Escape From The Tower has 12 tickets. King of the Bootleggers has 16 tickets. Station M has 12 tickets.

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$36.00 + HST / per person
$42.00 + HST / Prime Time Tickets per person