Casa Loma Escape Series

Escape from the Tower at Casa Loma


The Casa Loma Escape Series launched in August 2015 as the country’s first and only theatrical escape game. With live actors, a full sound and set design, the games boasts a unique immersive escape game experience. Set in Toronto’s darling landmark, Casa Loma, you’ll discover a world you never knew!


Secret City Adventures

Secret City Adventures is based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Patrick Keenan and Tina Santiago Keenan in 2012 as Company & Co, our mission to is write, produce and deliver experiences that push the boundaries of storytelling. We don’t just put you in a room – our collaborations with Casa Loma, Murdoch Mysteries and Black Creek Pioneer Village let us place you right at the centre of a unique story. At every corner there’s puzzle or clue – just look closer, ask the right questions, stay curious, and you’ll uncover new worlds of adventure.

Liberty Entertainment Group

For over 25 years, the Liberty Entertainment Group, led by President and CEO Nick Di Donato, has been redefining Toronto’s special event and nightlife experience. As creators and operations managers of such landmark establishments as: Casa Loma, the Liberty Grand, Rosewater, Cibo Wine Bar, Spice Route, Tattoo Rock Parlor, Coral Gables Country Club and Cibo Wine Bar in Miami to name a few, Liberty Entertainment Group has become recognized as one of the most successful and innovative companies in the industry. Founded in 1986, the Liberty Entertainment Group has gained success and acknowledgment for creating an impressive roster of unique venues that garner immediate recognition. Each venue is rich in detail and originality and caters to a diverse clientele. Constantly ahead of the curve Liberty is distinguished for its ability to set trends, push limits and create the impossible.

Exemption Entertainment

Exemption Entertainment is a young group of entrepreneurs dedicated to connecting a wide demographic of young people online and through incredible social experiences. Our passion for hosting events has allowed us to create a brand that our generation wants to be a part of. Exemption has been involved in marketing for more than 3 years in Toronto, London, and Kingston, Ontario. We have representatives in all 3 cities who encompass the same mindset as we do. The goal is to take average social encounters and turn them into spectacular experiences. In order to accomplish this, Exemption’s online and social media presence is incredibly active and relevant to our clientele. This has allowed us to surpass all competitors and become one of Ontario’s most successful promotional and marketing companies to the 19-25 year old demographic. For additional information visit the Exemption Facebook Page

Creative Team

Michael Keenan
Creative Director / Game Designer

Leonardo Dell’Anno

Romeo Candido
Associate Producer / Set Director

Courtney Gray
Game Designer / UX Researcher

Kevin Parnell
Game Designer

Fergus Heywood
Writer / Game Designer

Glenn Davidson
Lighting & Set Design

Scott Wilson
Prop Tech Developer

Rob King
Prop Tech Developer

Jodinand Aguillon
Costume & Set Design

Sounds Design

David Hoekstra
Set Designer

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